About us

Kimono Kitaura is a traditional kimono shop that has been in business for more than 100 years. Preserving and sharing the time-honored art and culture of the kimono is at the heart of our family business. A symbolic icon of Japanese culture, the kimono incorporates numerous forms of art that reflect our aesthetic consciousness. The kimono is not only something to wear; it is also the perfect expression of personal and social integrity. We hope to touch and inspire people all over the world with our kimonos as we continue to share this extremely valuable treasure of Japanese culture.



Design and production

Honoring the beautiful flow of time that is felt in things made with human hands, our kimonos are all made by hand. We offer a wide range of designs from classical to contemporary, bringing our garments into the realm of Japanese haute couture by connecting past, present and future. Our primary goal is to design and produce kimonos that speak of our customer’s unique and special dreams. Every garment we create is a work of art; rich with craftsmanship and refined emotions, enabling our customers to feel special and shine whenever wearing the garment.



Silk care

We sell only silk kimonos and obis. The specialized care for these products after they are purchased is a very important part of our business. We proudly look after the washing, stain-removal, dye fading, embroidery-repair, and re-tailoring of all of our garments. Professional craftsmen with specialized expertise are commissioned for each of these individual tasks. It is with great honor that we continue to share these refined Japanese techniques and traditions with the next generations of the world.



Supply Partner

Chiso              Founded in 1555 Kyoto    Yu-zen Kimono

Kawashima   Founded in 1843 Kyoto   Obi

Yashironi      Founded in 1720 Kyoto    Omeshi Kimono

Watakei        Founded in 1925 Kyoto    Kimono accessories


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TEL  072-462-9382

FAX  072-465-0918

✉   gofukukitaura@gmail.com

営業時間 10:00-18:30

定休日 火曜日・日曜日(ご予約のみの営業となります*ご予約の無い場合はお休みになります)


Senshu Sano Gofuku Kitaura

z.c. 598-0006

3-4-22 Ichibanishi Izumisano Osaka Japan

Tel   +81-72-462-9382 

Fax  +81-72-465-0918

Mail  gofukukitaura@gmail.com

Open hour 10:00-18:30

Closed on Tuesdays and Sunday



Get off at Izumisano Stn, and 7min walk.

From Kansai Airport (KIX) Nankai Line, approx. 10 min. to Izumisano Stn.

Free parking available.